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DSKG47BDJ5DBCS Korean characters (in user group names) were showing up as garbage in the The GroupWise 5 DUS UI and associated dialogs, preventing migration...
EAVM4BBHY6Hebrew role names longer than 8 characters are no longer truncated. This regression was introduced in 5.0.3.
JCOS4JJMYQFixed a problem where unread documents would be marked as read after dragging them into a folder where IMAP references had been...
BAKH3RLHYCAdded functionality to determine if the existing Directory Assistance Replica has become unavailable while the server is up and running, and if so,...
KICA4JG3G4When using a userID with alternate name, "Push changes to new mail server" request doesn't display in "Move mailfile" action dialog menu. This...
DBRN4FAV6DFixed a crash that would occur when shutting down DIIOP. The crash would result in an 'Assert(0)' error on the console.
CMCY4BYHN6Fixed a problem where the Full Text indexer processed an unusual document and was overwriting memory.
YUMA4DPQLWFixed the following LDAP filter (scope: subtree, base: CN=Test Group,O=Test Org, filter: (|(member=CN=Test User,O=Test Org)(uniquename=CN=Test...
ATHS4FVT9YFixed timing crash caused by port driver termination routines not always called on shutdown when restarting the server.
ATHS4FRN93Added the 'Deny-only' groups view to the People panel.
AYOA4GY9ZGFixed problem that caused large MS Outlook documents to be displayed incorrectly when migrated and viewed in the Japanese version of Notes....
ASHH4FGSU8Fix crash that may occur when opening large multilingual databases.
ARS49DM7BAdded a new optional argument, replaceView, to the LotusScript method NotesUIDatabase.OpenView( viewName$ [, key$] [, newinstance] [, replaceView] )....
ATCY4JWHK7Fixed a problem where the C API function NSFNoteLSCompile was not handling design note names longer than 40 characters.
ASHH4FUSLEFixed hang that might occur when importing specific text into a document and Regional Settings are set to 'Japanese'.
APAI3F4PU6Fix to send notification to invitees when the Chair edits a meeting to include or change room reservation.
BLOE4HMMMMFixed OS/2 TCP/IP network bug which can cause the Domino server to lose send/receive events under certain conditions. This problem could only occur...
BLOE4HXJGXRemoved a debug message which can appear on server console under certain error conditions.
BLEE4H3LKCThe code used to save the state of the view applet has been disabled in order to eliminate possible crash scenarios encountered with Netscape. Any...


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